Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Spring Lilly Wish List

Of course like most preppy ladies out there, I want everything Lilly Pulitzer makes.  This Spring there are a few pieces that I've really been eyeing!  I'm longing for some bright colors around here because this weather will just not let up.  Looking at the Lilly website gives me some hope that soon Spring will arrive!  I hope you enjoy these pretty pops of color as much as I do! I think there is something for everyone here. The blouses are so versatile, I own a few and I wear them so often!  The zip ups are beyond comfy and great all year long.  I own more pairs of Callahan shorts than I care to admit, they are the perfect length and never fail to be colorful and fun!  Do I even need to mention the dresses?  A Lilly Pulitzer dress (or 5) is always a good idea!  I will be back very soon with some styling posts for you all (I have a few I'm very excited about, I think you will love them)!  See you all soon!  

XXOO, Kristina

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