Sunday, March 29, 2015

Instagram Round Up

Hi everyone!  I have been posting a ton of brights to my Instagram lately and I thought I would share them along with the details on here.  I hope your Spring is off to a great start!  Enjoy!

This look was taken on the first day I didn't have to wear to a coat outside!  That, unfortunately, didn't last very long as it snowed yesterday but I really enjoyed this outfit. 
Long Sleeve T: Old Navy / Sweater Cape: Old Navy - old (similar here) / Leggings: Target / Boots: Steve Madden / Cross Body Clutch: Personalized From Me To You

If you know me, you know I NEED tea multiple times throughout the day.  I captured one of those moments here with my Venti Black Iced Tea - unsweeted from Starbucks!  This is one of my all time favorite Lilly Items.  The print is Let's Cha Cha for those interested. 
Popover: Lilly Pulitzer - old (similar here) / Name Plate Necklace: Personalized From Me To You

I had to throw in a selfie...Is it even Instagram without a selfie! ;  )
Top: J.Crew - old (similar here) / Necklace: Personalized From Me To You

What my weekly planning looks like.  Some hot tea, nail color, Lilly Pulitzer and my favorite jewels!
Tumbler: Lilly Pulitzer / Pen: Lilly Pulitzer / Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer / Necklaces: Personalized From Me To You / Bangles: Sandy Sea Turtle / Polish: See Below

My favorites: Bright pink nails, anchors, Bean Boots and my engagement ring!
Nail Polish: Target - color is Fluoro Flamingo / Boots: L.L. Bean

This was just yesterday!  I forgot how much I love this print, it's so bright and fun!  It pairs perfectly with my necklaces too!
Top: Lilly Pulitzer - Old in She She Shells (similar here) / Name Plate Necklace: Personalized From Me To You / Monogram: Personalized From Me To You

And shocker, more Lilly!  This was what I wanted to wear the other day but I couldn't because it was 30 degrees...oh well!  Spring and Summer are coming!
Skort: Lilly Pulitzer - Old in Lobstah Roll (similar here) / Shoes: Kate Spade / Sweater: T.J. Maxx / Bangles: Sandy Sea Turtle / Watch: Target - in stores / Purse: Personalized From Me To You