Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hi everyone! I have an exciting review for you all today!  I teamed up with Solemates to share some of their fabulous products for your shoes and feet.  

The above picture is the range of products I received as well as the two pairs of shoes I used to test out the products.  I will do a quick breakdown of everything below for you!

Wedding Rescue Kit:  As many of you know, I'm getting married in October so when I opened this box of goodies I was very excited to see this little kit.  In this bag of goodies, you have a pair of High Heelers (which I will discuss further below), Advil, antacid, Blistex, bobby pins, safety pins, bandage, ear plugs, a sewing kit, hair elastic, nail file, comb, tissues, Shout Wipe, Tampax, mints and floss!  So basically, if there is one thing that I can't forget on my wedding day it's this wonderful kit!  It has everything I would need (and likely otherwise forget) on my big day! 

Shoe Essentials:  These are lovely little cushions for your feet which really help hold your foot in place and keep them comfortable.  It includes three pairs: ball of foot, heel and anti skid.  Now, I didn't actually try out the anti skid because I am saving them to stick on the bottom of my wedding shoes,  However, the other two pairs worked wonders!  They add some extra cushion between your foot and the ground as well as keep your heel from moving around in your shoe.

Blister Blocker: Anti-friction Balm:  This product is a miracle worker and will now have a permanent home in my purse.  Rub a little bit of the balm anywhere you think you might get a blister and it works it's magic! Your pinkie toes will thank you, trust me!  

Buff:  This does just what it says, buffs your shoes to restore their shine!  It's an easy and more effective alternative to a cloth and works great!

Protect Spray:  This guards your leather, suede and fabric shoes from the elements.  Thus far, it has done a great job of doing just that for my new Palm Beach Sandals.  I've been wearing them for about a week now and they are looking great.  

Freshen Spray: This is a spray that has a nice baby powder scent to spritz on the inside of your shoes.  The striped heels I have pictured are older and were the perfect test.  The spray works to eliminate bacteria and smell lovely, which it did! 

On to the High Heelers, my absolute FAVORITE little product pictured above!  These are such a fabulous idea!  They are a small, plastic piece that slide onto the heel of your shoe so that they don't sink into the grass!  I'm getting married outside, on grass, in high heels so when I saw these, they were a must!  They work perfectly and are super easy to get on and off!  I have tried them on a few pairs of my heels and they fit great.  They are available in different sizes for different heel widths if needed.  If you are going to be wearing your heels outside these babies are a must! 

My sandals, still in great condition, after a week in the elements with the Protect and Freshen Sprays! 

Shoes: Heels - J.Crew Factory (old -similar) / Sandals - Palm Beach Sandals

Thank you, Soulmates, for your wonderful products!

xxoo, Kristina