Saturday, July 23, 2016

Anthro Opening

Hi everyone!  I had the opportunity to go to the grand opening of the new Anthropologie at Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham, MA!  What an amazing place!  Their clothing and interior design are so original and unique.  I tried on a TON of clothes.  I snapped a few shots of the looks as well as the interior of the store.  Take a look below!

This is the part of the home section when you first walk in, so amazing!  I love the floors!

These paper flowers were hand made from tags, cupcake liners and twist ties.  Beautiful! 

The quilt hanging behind the adorably outfitted manikins is made of envelopes.  Each member of the design team wrote a letter to the person they missed most and put it in these envelopes. 

I want this bed!

This chair is right up my alley as you all know!

I ended up getting this dress, it was a tough decision.  Here's the link!  Dress c/o Anthro Derby Street

Another fav!

The pineapple candle I just couldn't pass up fits in perfectly in my living room.
Candle c/o Anthropologie Derby Street
It smells AMAZING too!

I left this one behind and I regret it a little bit.  I might be going back for it!

Thank you so much to the Derby Street Shoppes and Anthropologie for this opportunity!  Check them out!